Travel Books

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Kasshi ginkō  or Kinoene ginkō, Journey of 1684-85  (甲子 吟行 /), an early journal kept on a visit to his home in Ueno to visit his mother’s grave. Published 1701.

Kai Ōi (貝おほひ, The Seashell Game) is an anthology of haiku compiled by Matsuo Bashō. It based on a Japanese game where two sea shells are compared.  Bashō compared two haiku of other poets and added commentary. Bashō included some of his own works. Published 1672.

Oi no Kobumi (笈の小文 , Knapsack Journals), fall 1687 to summer 1688. Encompassing visits to Iga, Nagoya, the Atami peninsula and Iragosaki, Mie and the Ise shrine, Yoshino, Nara to Otsu. Published 1709.

Oku no Hosomichi (奥の細道, originally おくのほそ道, The Narrow Road to the Deep North), spring to fall of 1689. Basho’s best known work. A journey north of Edo, accompanied, for the most part by Kawai Sora. Published 1702.

Sarumino (猿蓑 Monkey’s Raincoat) an anthology published in 1691 by Bashō’s students containing Bashō haiku and others. Collected by Nozawa Bonchō and Mukai Kyorai under Matsuo Bashō’s supervision.