The Journey Begins

“The journey itself is my home.”
Matsuo Basho


Hello World

Thanks for joining me on a journey to who knows where!

Let me begin by introducing our guide and companion, Matsuo Bashō (松尾 芭蕉, 1644–1694), Japan’s most famous poet of the Edo period. Bashō aspired to reflect his surroundings and emotions in his haiku of three parts – typically, a subject, an action, an explanation that incorporates surprise, all of this usually rendered in 17 syllables.

To better see the world, Basho and his friend Sora took to Japan’s dangerous back roads with little more than writing supplies writing his most famous haiku.

Beware, the journey is not always pretty, not always fun, but hopefully witty, and full of surprise.

Fleas and lice biting;
awake all night
a horse pissing close to my ear

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